The MAMA Finalist Party 2014

The MAMA (Madison Area Music Awards) Finalist Party 2014 is coming up! First of all I want to say thank you to all the Superstars for voting for me! Let’s cross our fingers and hope that out of those 11 nominations we scored a few for the final round!

How does the next round work?

Well from my understanding once the nominations are announced there is the final round of voting that begins April 2nd and ends May 16th! Everyone who has already registered and paid their $5 may vote again, NO CHARGE! :) Similar to the MTV VMAs you must vote if you want me to win.┬áDon’t worry I’ll be making the announcement with a little video to give you all the details. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter or check back here for all the details!

How does Battle of the Bands work?

On April 1 at the MAMA Finalist party they will also announce the finalists for the Battle of the Bands competition. The competition is happening at Inferno Nightclub on Friday, April 4th. Doors open at 8 PM. Show starts at 9 PM. 8 bands will compete and one band will walk out the winner. If we win, we open the MAMAs in June! CRAZY!

Talk to you soon,

Joey Broyles




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