Future Pop Revolution CD Review featured on Madison Magazine

As featured in Madison Magazine:

Joey Broyles Leads a Pop Revolution

by Rick Tvedt

Joey Broyles has already created a pop revolution. His debut album, Future Pop Revolution (2014, self release), can be seen as a document of the story so far. Broyles burst onto the scene with Project Famous, an online publication glorifying art, fashion, film and music. Photography and graphics are a key ingredient, bringing together makeup artists, independent film producers and innovators of all stripes, all of whom are creating cultural paradigms that fuse the present and future while harkening back to the days of glam and high-heeled boys. Broyles has taken the elements of the independent art movement RAW and combined them into a startling crusade that opines a new cosmopolitan identity for our funky little cow town.

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Listen to Joey’s album for free streaming now on SoundCloud:


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