Pre-Order Joey’s New Album on April 5th

lucky superstar kickstarter

SAVE THE DATE: On April 5, 2016 you can pre-order Joey Broyles’ brand new album on Kickstarter! What?!

“Lucky Superstar” features 15 new songs written by Joey. The new album is more personal, more raw, and more fantastical than anything he’s ever released–a more powerful voice than ever for the future pop generation than ever before. True to his roots he sings about the future, about aliens, about corrupt government/police brutality, bullying, and at about his core beliefs: be yourself, love yourself, and queer pride!

Joey has teamed up with the talented musicians in the Madison area including Paul Kennedy on drums, Meghan Rose on bass, Gabe Burdulis on guitar, Shawndell Marks on keys, Lyndsay Evans on back up vocals, and Beth Kille as the brilliant producer. Still hungry for more???

On April 5, 2016 you can pre order “Lucky Superstar” and exclusive merchandise on his Kickstarter! Did we mention there will be a kick ass CD release party: TBA with a live band? Save the date!

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