Joey Broyles Burn The Money

Joey Broyles lives according to a simple, radical code: “Be yourself: It Will Change your life.” – Our Lives Magazine

Otherworldly, this gay warrior prince challenges the status quo of Pop music, Joey Broyles commands a self-made generation of artists who believe in a Future Pop revolution. A David Bowie for the millennial, Joey’s sultry voice fused with his own provocative lyrics will challenge the human race to strive for a better tomorrow and for you to be yourself in the face of adversity. Fluent in the world of Andy Warhol’s pop art and performance art films, Joey’s musical imagery calls to Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. Die-hard fans (a.k.a. Super Psycho Stars) will live and die by anthems like “R.Y.A.N. (Remember You’re a Number)” and “Burn the Money.” Self-directed videos like “Super Psycho Stars” and “Boys Don’t Do That” are fan favorites of the LGBT community. If you drift into outer space you will find Joey Broyles in his “Future Pop” and other tales of an “Andy Warhol” from the future, and a boy with red stringy hair from the Planet Pop, “Lucky Superstar.”

United States-based indie singer and filmmaker Joey Broyles began making music in a sandbox somewhere in suburbia of Wisconsin. Allegedly born in West Allis, Wisconsin in 1983, Joey spent the better part of his life surrounded by art, music, and film. After releasing his first EP in 2013, “Joey Broyles,” which included killer tracks “Burn the Money” and “Repeat That…” (featuring local producer Sun Voyage), Joey launched a Kickstarter which successfully jump started “Burn the Money” his first short film/music video. Soon after the success of the video he released the music video and single “If This Is A Love Song,” and by year’s end he was declared Madison, WI’s RAW Musician of the Year. In 2014, he was a semi-finalist of 105.5 Triple M’s Project M songwriting competition. “Future Pop Revolution” a 14 track cinematic album featured Joey painted as an alien and Madison Magazine named him “a warrior for gay acceptance.” In December 2014 he was featured on the cover Maximum Ink Magazine dressed as Marilyn Monroe, an often occurrence at his live shows. In 2015, Joey won three Madison Area Music Awards (MAMA) including Electronic album of the year for “Future Pop Revolution,” Video of the Year for “Burn the Money,” and Electronic Performer of the Year. Released in August 2015, Joey released his self produced EP, “Experimental” which featured Hip Hop/R&B infused songs like “The One” and “Dust” and the eerie dance track “Red Eyes,” as well as FPR’s “Andy Warhol” remixed by the talented indie producer/artist Midas Bison. Joey’s latest project “Lucky Superstar” will be released in the summer of 2016.

Well-versed in the study of pop culture which is ever present in the music he writes. A chameleon in appearance, addressing all the parts of one’s self. A proud homosexual who believes that the ignorance everywhere still needs to be loudly addressed, even if marriage is now for everyone, there’s still a fight to keep fighting. Joey will fight the fight with the world until a future pop revolution has helped all have the equality they all deserve. Dance your way into a future with Joey Broyles.

Joey Broyles


Recent Awards include:
Madison Area Music Award Electronic Performer of the Year 2015

MAMA Electronic Album of the Year 2015 : Future Pop Revolution

MAMA Video of the Year 2015 : Burn the Money

MAMA Finalist for Pop/R&B Song of the Year 2015

MAMA Finalist for Electronic Song of the Year 2015

MAMAFinalist for Electronic Song of the Year 2014

MAMA Finalist for Breakthrough Artist 2014 (3rd Place)

105.5 Triple M Project M Semi-Finalist 2014

RAW Madison Musician of the Year 2013



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